Introducing Zee Rice Nig

At Zee Rice, while your health and comfort is our concern, our nearness to raw materials affords us the opportunity to also serve customers with convenience, and at very affordable prices.

What we do?

One thing you want and should not trade for anything is the health benefit and comfort of consuming stone-free, quality and nicely processed rice.


Our focus is to provide affordable premium polished rice for the generality of the market, taking into consideration the uniqueness of the various market segments (affluent, middle class and mass market).

Contract Jobs/LPO’s

We also help to bridge the gap of insufficient production of quality stone free rice by offering farmers with inexpensive parboiled rice milling services who want their harvested rice processed and packaged under their preferred brand name and logo.


Nigerians eat around 5.5 million tonnes of rice per year, with 3.6 million tonnes produced locally – primarily by farmers for personal consumption. We currently spend over 365 billion dollars per year importing the remaining 1.9 million tonnes since local output is insufficient to meet Nigeria’s massive need for rice.

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Zee Rice Nig is a modern company headquartered in Wukari, Taraba State

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We are Zee Rice, and we are always open for business. 


  • Zee Rice Bran Powder

  • Zee Rice Broken Rice Grain(Tuwo Rice)

  • Zee Rice Husk

  • Zee Rice Paddy

  • Zee Rice Premium Parboiled Rice

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